A Tale Of Two Cities Essay

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A Tale of Two Cities A Tale of Two Cities is a book of struggle, love, social injustice, sacrifice, and resurrection. These are all common themes throughout the book, as well as, common themes during this period of time. This book was written in 1859, but is set to take place during the year of 1775. Which is of course, the year that the French Revolution had begun. This book only talks directly about the French Revolution in a few instances. The majority of A Tale of Two Cities are the events that took place prior to the French Revolution. In the novel, A Tale of Two Cities, struggle is portrayed several times. The book talks greatly about the struggles of every day life. The fear of walking around their cities. The fear England and France had of their kings, George III and Louis XVI. Both kings had many issues with power and authority, which is greatly shown throughout the novel. It is obvious they are both contradicting to their people. King Louis XIV is an absolute ruler, which we talked a lot about in class. He believed every thing should be done his way. Every one living in France was to believe in what Louis XIV believed in. As well as like the same things Louis XIV liked. The common people of France were not allowed to express their ideas or emotions to anyone. The only opinions you could have were those that were in favor of King Louis XIV. This defines the ongoing class struggle that has so greatly changed the way we live today. Most people and fellow classmates believe that A Tale of Two Cities is also a love story. Of course love is a very common and confusing feeling that most people experience at some point in their lives. Most kings have multiple wives, mistresses, and children. In this novel, there was also a relationship forming between Carton, Lucie, and Darnay. Carton is one of the defense attorneys for Lucie’s dad, Dr. Manette. Lucie

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