A Syudy of Narayans the Man Eater of Malgudi Essay

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Indo -Anglian Literature Indian writing in English is one of those voices in which India speaks of her own cultural heritage and modernization of values and systems. Rapid growth, increcing popularity, award winning creative contributions all are going to justify the truth that Indian English Literature. Provides and opportunity to make a deep dive in Indian consciousness and sensibility. The term ‘Indo-Anglian’ is used to denote original literacy creation in the English language by Indians. Today, there are a large number of educated Indians who use the English language as a medium for the expression of their experience of life. Their writings has now developed into substantial body of literature which is referred to us Indo-Anglian literature. This writing has been enriched by such internationally-recognized figures as Toru dutt, Sarojini Naidu, Tagore, Jawaharlal Nehru, Aurobindo Gosh and Mahatma Gandhi. Today a number of eminent Indians such as R.K.Narayan, Mulk raj Anand and Raja Rao continues to write in English and Indo-Anglian literature continues to flourish and attain higher peaks of excellence. The Indian writer in English is faced with the problem of a shrinking English environment. In the Name of patriotism, there has been a constant propaganda since Independence against the teaching of English; it has been called a “foreign tongue”. Naturally, the standards of English have deteriorated. Shortest methods have been adopted to teach English as a foreign tongue. It would be unfortunate; indeed, if standards of English are allowed to go down further for Indo-Anglian literature is still a tender plant. Language and literature are inextricably inter linked. Let us hope, narrow, militant nationalism and parochialism will not prevail to cause immense harm to this kind of literature and to the nation as a whole.

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