A Swampy Soul

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Why is “The Devil and Tom Walker” a gothic tale? As I can’t answer this in just a few sentences I will need to write a structured essay in order to really answer it well. To begin I’ll go through the list of gothic elements and see if I can find examples of each in the story. foreshadowing of evil---the setting, the devil, sometimes the mood forbidden secrets---Kidd’s gold, what really happened to Tom and his wife insanity---no baleful influence of the past---no / cultural degeneracy---slave trade, usury, religious persecution eccentricity---Tom’s behaviors esp. at end lure of terror---mood, setting, knowing one day the devil will come imprisonment---separation at the beginning, abduction violence---domestic abuse, wife’s killing Now I have to put these ideas with more specific details into sentence form and organize paragraphs. I will also rephrase and give synonyms for the gothic elements to help explain what they are. Some other things I should consider anytime I write: Tone-formal (no “I think that” or “In my opinion”) Audience: American literature students (you’ve read the story so I don’t need to summarize and you took notes of the gothic elements so you should be familiar with those) Purpose: to write an example for you read before you write to show what I expect and to analyze the story at gothic literature. Title Response A Swampy Soul “The Devil and Tom Walker” plays out the archetypal plot of a character making a deal with the devil. Though this story has moments of dark comedy, it also makes use of numerous elements of gothic literature. First of all this story contains several things that foreshadow evil. It begins by mentioning buried pirate treasure in the area to get the reader thinking about what ill-adventures may be experienced in the search for it. The setting in a dark swampy forest is very gloomy especially when
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