A Summery of Information Technology Topics Essay

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ITM102 Individual Assignment: A Summery of IT Topics: Topic 1: Converting to a Digital Firm Topic 2: Collaborative Systems Topic 3: Cloud Computing Topic 4: Enterprise Resource System John Black Student Number: 500509433 Section: 171, 172 Submission Date: November 18th, 2012 1. During the last two years the traditional company you work for has experienced loss in business to competitors which have converted to digital firms. Explain to your boss how the company you work for can become more competitive by converting to a digital firm. The traditional style of running an entity has had its advantages in the past. Where the use of regular, undeviating company procures has lead to quality business. Change can sometimes be a scary option for the CEO or senior management in an entity because of the unknown and lack of experience in using new and innovative methods. I believe it is necessary for companies competing in this modern day and age to make use of the technologies available to them. These technologies will help any entity in meeting the demands of 21st century businesses. The traditional methods of running a business have grown old and have many disadvantages the hinder the success of a business. Traditional methods have strict rules and procedures that employees must follow without deviation. This discourages employees to use critical problem solving methods in their work, which ignores creativity. A digital firm allows the flexibility in the running’s of a business and can lead to innovations and solutions to company problems. The traditional style of management relies on a system where employees work under many layers of management. These lower level employees have difficulty communicating with different departments in the company, as a traditional company discourages horizontal

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