A Summary Of A Parable In The Bible

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A parable is a spiritual or moral story of Jesus’ as told in the Gospels. Jesus used parables a lot in describing the Kingdom of God. Matthew 13 probably has clearly a majority of these and in a large group of them, Jesus would say “The kingdom of God is like…” finishing with a story about it (Morrison, n.d.). One example of this, Jesus was telling the story of the sower that was trying to plant his crops. He was having some seeds carried off by bird and others has spread were landing in areas where there was not enough soil or an area that was too thick; as a result, the seed would die soon thereafter. This story had nothing to do with the crop being planted. It was Jesus’s using a parable to intrigue the minds of the spiritually unresponsive ones as he did not want to overwhelm them but catch their attention to want to know more. Jesus…show more content…
In the weeds one Jesus is saying his wheat planted is his disciples, his good seeds, spreading good words of Jesus around the world. The weeds are the bad or the ones spread by the devil. These two groups are all mixed together in the world and the kingdom of God. We all grow together until the time of harvest then the bad, or the weeds, will be picked first to burn and the good will be harvested for his everlasting life (Harris, 2014). The parable of growth explained as a small amount of yeast put in bread at first. How it is not very noticeable but over time it grows and can grow to unbelievable heights. Parables can be hints, that make you think deeper and more as to the real meaning behind them, almost like someone speaking in code or riddles. You must have an understanding within before you can even begin to try to figure them out. As each of these parables of the seed, the weed, and the yeast, each in their own way were planted there as a path for us to understand and follow, to a final judgment and that final harvest one

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