A Successful Study System Essay

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There are many different study methods to help a person get good grades. My past methods were the outlining method and the Cornell method. I use the outline method the most because, in my opinion, it is the easiest to study from. Although the Cornell style was organized, it was too hard to take notes during class so; I would only use it if there was a PowerPoint. There are other methods that I can use in the future. Some methods are better than others but it depends on the person’s brain. Throughout my years in school, I have used the outlining and Cornell methods. The outline method was very useful to me because the triune brain is connected to create, organize, or produce memory. Outline had to be created because you have to know what to title the first bulleted point then you write all the facts under it. When a new topic comes up, you need to know to have another first level bullet point. The second method I have been using is the Cornell method. This method was harder to use since I never really knew what to name each topic on the left. I did not know how to separate the main topic from the subtopic. I rather use the method of outlining since it is much easier for me. I used to think that I only had two methods. I never realized that I have used more methods besides outlining and Cornell style. For example, I usually study or work in a quiet place as my working area. This helps me to stay focused on my work with little to no distractions. When I took the perceptual learning preference survey by Kate Kinsella I found out that I am a kinesthetic learner. When I think about it, I am kinesthetic because most of the stuff I would learn how to do stuff by myself. Before I took the survey, I thought I was a visual/verbal learner because I rather read the book or take notes to study instead of hearing and listening to lectures. The highest right now is kinesthetic

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