A Study On Potential Customers Of Jaypee India Pvt Essay

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A Study On Potential Customers of JayPee India Pvt. Ltd. Submitted By: Maharshi Dutta Roll No. : 09148009025 Registration No.: 091480710010 Guided By: Prof. Anirban Mazumdar (FIEM) Future Institute of Engineering & Management :: PREFACE :: A brief & utility of study :: ACKNOWLEDGEMENT :: With immense pleasure, I would like to present this project report on consumer perception of various brands of construction equipments in Jay Pee India Pvt. Ltd., KOLKATA. It has been an enriching experience for me to undergo my summer training at Jay Pee, which would not have been possible without the goodwill and support of certain individuals. As a student of BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION, I would like to express my sincere thanks to all those who helped me during this training program. Words are insufficient to express my gratitude towards Mr. Nicholas Thomas, Area Manager of Jay Pee India Ltd. I would like to convey my heartfelt thanks to Mr. Rajinder Singh, who permitted my training at Jay Pee. I am thankful to Mr. Dipankar Ray & Mr. Mithun Biswas, who helped me at every other steps. Lastly, I convey my regards to the whole staff, which made my stay at Jay Pee India Pvt. Ltd a memorable part of life. MAHARSHI DUTTA MBA DEPARTMENT ROLL NO: 16 FIEM, WBUT KOLKATA. Chapter1) Introduction:- * 1.1) Introduction of The Topic – Identifying Potential customers: * Identifying Potential customers is the first step to real selling, and must always be a salesperson’s top priority.

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