A Study Of The Navajo Essay

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A Study of the Navajo Timothy ANT 101 03/26/2012 A Study of the Navajo The Navajo Nation, Dine as they would like to be called, is a Southwest territory Native American. They are Pastoralists culture and have been forced to adapt to a new way of life. We will follow this culture from early days to present, looking at the changes that affected there culture and look at the changes that have evolved. Navajo Indians, also spelled Navaho, are the second largest Indian tribe in the United States, there are about 269,000 Navajo (Orr, Delilah. 2012 p 1). About A.D. 1000, the ancestors of the Navajo migrated to the southwestern United States from what is now Alaska and Canada. Originally hunter-gatherers, they adopted agriculture from the Pueblos and sheep and horses from the Spanish. The Navajos thrived as pastoralists and agriculturists, moving their sheep with the changing seasons between winter camp and summer camp where they raised corn, squash, beans, and melons. They met farmers who are known as Pueblo Indians, and the Navajo began to settle near them and learn from them. The Navajo also began to learn a similar style of weaving, making clothing and art from the Pueblo Indians. After the Spanish settled in the 1600’s, the Navajo began to steal sheep and horses from them. The Navajo started to use the animals in their daily life. They used the sheep for its wool to make clothes, blankets, and rugs. They also used the sheep for food. They used the horses to travel longer distances and also used them to begin trading. In the matter of sheep, cattle, and horses, the Navaho were far ahead in the game of thievery, and even boasted that they could easily have exterminated the Mexicans had they not needed them as herders of their stolen flocks. (Freed, Stanley A., and Ruth S. Freed 1968) During the 1600's, the Navajo began to raise sheep. Among the Navajo,

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