A Study of Several Artists Essay

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Exploring different styles of art is both a challenge and an adventure. It was interesting to learn about what different artists were influenced by to create their work. Some, such as Vincent Van Gogh, were influenced by the scenes around them, like I am, while others like Kathe Kollowitz were influenced by their responding emotions to war. Each of these artists were incredibly talented and each of them brought something innovative to the art world. Two of my favorite artists that I researched were Caravaggio and Vincent Van Gogh. Caravaggio was able to bring an intense, dramatic mood to his art by adding a few deeper values and brighter highlights. He didn’t work with a wide range of colors, and his art was extremely realistic. Van Gogh, on the other hand, was an impressionist, and he had a brighter, stronger sense of various colors in his paintings. Most of his paintings were vibrant yet also very serene and calming to look at. Both of these artists had different merits in their work, but they each had something different compared to the other. My favorite artist that I researched was Claude Monet, and my least favorite was M.C. Escher. Claude Monet’s work was very light and beautiful, and he was able to covey different times of day with just a few changes in color. I think this showcases his pioneering talent. However, M.C. Escher’s work was confusing and challenging to look at. Although I did enjoy the way he created optical illusions, his work did not personally resonate with me. These artists were both amazingly creative and talented, but I found something more enjoyable in Claude Monet’s work. I enjoyed this project because it opened me up to new art styles, and I was able to gain a greater sense of the different types of art out in the world. I was also inspired by a few of the artists, because their work related closely to what we were doing in class.

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