A Study of Consumer Behavour of Brands with Respect to Electronics Goods in Organized Market Essay

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The failure and success of any organization or brand of any organization or business depends on the behaviour of the end user of the product /service. This is important even to the channel members who carry the product/service to the consumer. Hence understanding the consumer behavior helps the organization or the marketer to identify the strengths & weakness of the business. The consumer behaviour has an impact on the decision to purchase the product. The organization makes production decisions after studying the consumer behavior. The positioning of the product /service in the market depends on the consumption of the product & the behavior of the consumer. The behaviour of the consumer also reflects information about economy & growth of the nation. OBJECTIVES • To identify available brands of consumer electronics goods in organized market, • To study consumer behavior towards such brands in organized market, • To suggest brand promotion strategy, BRANDS & PRODUCTS A product is any tangible or intangible offerings which can satisfy the needs & aspirations of a consumer. CLASSIFICATION OF PRODUCT Products are classified on the basis of tangibility & durability found in an offering. They are classified as: • Service, • Durable, • Non- durable Consumer durables includes large number of household-use items like refrigerators, washing machines, air conditioners, TV, audio & video equipments & large number of kitchen appliance like mixer grinder, food processor. CONSUMER BEHAVIOUR - AN OVERVIEW Consumer behaviour involves the study of purchase, use & disposal of products. The marketer is interested in how the consumer uses the products, since the marketer is interested in encouraging the increase in consumption. The most vital application of consumer behaviour - To make / craft marketing strategy for better marketing campaigns. New products are

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