A Student's Point of View Essay

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The use of Social Networking Sites in many aspect of life Almost everyone is on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram but do they really know what social networking site is? Based on their understanding, these social networking sites would probably be the most fun and easiest way to interact with family and friends as it has many interesting features. Also, they get to share experiences and photographs through social networking site. In general, social networking site is the phrase used to describe any web site that enables users to create public profiles within that web site and form relationships with other users of the same web site who access their profile. In many ways, it has replaced the telephone and email. For many users, it has become a way of life. Little did we know, social networking site is very useful in many aspect of life.Teaching and learning, communication and information are the three usage of social networking sites on regular basis. Social networking sites is a tool for students and teachers in terms of teaching and learning. Back in those days, the only studying material that has been used by most schools is the books and paper exercises. Since the social networking sites has quickly transformed how the teaching and learning method work, it is even easier for the teachers to penetrate all the information to the students. For instance, Facebook has become an integral part for both teachers and students to discuss on certain matter. Teachers can create a group on Facebook as this is one of the best way to interact with the students. If there are any doubts, the students can post on the group’s wall so they can recognize the problem and to solve it together by having different points of view. Social networking site such as Facebook could improve student motivation and engagement and helps students develop a more collaborative view of

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