A Streetcar Named Desire: Sexuality, Guilt And Bullshit

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Komron Kasnavia 2/29/2012 Kevin Holden Theater Sexuality, Guilt and Bullshit Stanley Kowalski is a guiltless, truthful, alpha male that has become a kind of taboo over the years. As we get more “civilized” as a society and women become more independent genre roles are getting blurry and classic genre stereotypes have less relevance to their modern counterparts. The play A Streetcar named desire by Tennessee Williams is set in a time period where sexual desire is…show more content…
Instead of openly hitting on a girl, we must flirt, we must hint, being openly sexual is frowned upon at school or work. The men of my generation have been raised differently; many have been raised by women without a male figure in their life. Women are also different, they work for themselves, compete and are self-sufficient; clearly a stark contrast from their classical counterparts. Men work alongside women in the workplace at school and are taught to be professional, to respect a woman as a colleague instead of an object of sexual desire. However I believe that beneath this layer of “properness” there is the still the raw sexuality of our nature. If you look at romance novels you will find that women read about and find pleasure in some of the most heinous fantasies. Men on the other hand watch porn; both are manifestations of real, repressed desire. Additionally you have internet dating, face-booking, tweeting and other such impersonal ways of meeting a mate. It’s increasingly hard for people to display their true nature without an interface, or a gimmick because instances where one does can put that person at risk socially. You don’t want to come off as creepy do you? You want to take a woman out on a date, conduct an interview about her life, and show her that you respect her etc. in order to desire her sexually. The truth is that we put so much pressure on each other as a society that sometimes we impair each other’s freedom to act, especially in respect to acting on our deepest

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