A Streetcar Named Desire Scene 6

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How does Williams present the two characters and their relationship in scene 6? At the end of Scene 5 we watch an amused Blanche receiving flowers from Mitch, her proclaimed ‘Rosenkavalier,’ ready to go on a date. In Scene 6, however, we are presented with the same Blanche experiencing the ‘utter exhaustion of a neurasthenic personality’ and a ‘solid but depressed’ Mitch after coming back from the date. This Scene presents to us two characters, eager as they are to be with each other, that are wrong for each other. Their difference in class and education make it so. Yet they both need something from the other, and this need brings them together at the end of the scene. The first half of the scene, however, highlights how different Mitch and Blanche are from each other. The fact that Williams chose to describe Blanche as suffering the exhaustion of a neurasthenic personality is revealing, as it is defined as someone suffering from ‘a condition that is characterized by physical and mental exhaustion due to psychological factors such as emotional stress or conflict.’ It seems an apt description for Blanche at this point in the play. It is clear acting ‘prim and proper’ and trying to make Mitch want her with her acting and roleplaying was taking its toll on her. At the beginning of the play Williams describes her ‘stopping lifelessly at the steps’ after their date, asking him how he’s going to get home and laughing ‘grimly’ at his replies. Mitch, too, seems in a similar mood, yet his dejection seems to stem more from his inability to give Blanche any ‘entertainment’. No doubt through their date he would have found that he and Blanche do not share anything in common. We, from the first few minutes of the scene, can see that their relationship is forced. Mitch accidently hands Blanche her trunk key, rather than the door key, and it seems she reminds herself why she
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