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Kristen Schnibbe FA 22 December 9, 2010 A Streetcar Named Desire Essay Section “A women’s charm is fifty percent illusion” this quote was taken from the book A Streetcar Named Desire by Tennessee Williams. A women’s charm is fifty percent illusion, this quote could be proven to be true by this example, makeup. Makeup is an every day necessity for some women. Makeup could hide people’s real facial structures and even there identity in some cases. This related to Blanche by her hiding her past and her identity. Everything is not what it seems to be. Blanche Dubois is one of the main characters. Blanche was a southern belle from Laurel Mississippi. She was an English teacher from a high school in Laurel, until her affair with a student. Blanche was married to a guy named Allen. Blanche walked in on him having an affair with a guy, and after that everything went downhill. Blanche confessed to knowing his secret on the dance floor one night while the Varsouviana was playing. This song becomes a huge symbol in this play. After this Allen ran outside and killed himself. This made her loose Belle Reve and move in with her sister Blanche and her husband Stanly Blanche was hoping to move in with her with a fresh new start, and to hide her old identity from Laurel. She put on a whole new act and whole new appearance. This related to the quote because she was only showing them the fake her, not the real her, the fake past, not the truth. She lived in her own lies and even started believing them. Blanches appearance also played a huge part in this book, she used many techniques to hide who she really was. Makeup played a big role in her physical appearance; she hid how she really looked. When Blanche moved into Stella and Stanley’s apartment she placed paper lanterns over the light. This was a symbol of her hiding her true identity and her past from

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