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Nikki Chapman March 5 2014 Compare/Contrast: Movie vs. Play A Streetcar Named Desire The play “A Streetcar Named Desire” was very similar to the movie version when it came to plot. I felt that the lines recited in the movie were exactly the same in the play. However, a main problem I had with the movie was the actors. The actors were not exactly how I had pictured them while reading the play, and I prefer the characters I imagined in my mind. I am aware that the movie was not made recently, but I felt the acting was terrible, except for Stanley’s character. The acting was very poor on many levels. I felt there was no emotion coming from Stella and Blanche when they recited their lines, and the producer could have found much better actresses to take their places. I mainly saw the differences in the portrayals of characters. I must say seeing Stanley as a good-looking man was difficult to accept at first. After reading the play, I imagined him as an ugly and unbearable man. However his appearance gave him a more versatility rather than the one sided, overly-aggressive which I perceived him as from the script. I believe that Stanley was portrayed as nosey instead of being shown as if he is always out to get Blanche. Stanley’s character kept me thinking. Blanche was conveyed to have substantial mental complexity and a lack of individual personality. What I didn’t like about Blanche’s character in the movie though, was that I felt a lot of her actions were over-exaggerated. I realize that one of Blanche’s most evident personalities throughout the play is her innocent disguise; however I believe that Blanche’s character required a lot more complexity which needed to be shown to the audience. In terms of complexity, I mean her inner anxiety and frustration of her past. When Stanley refers to her past, she seemed unaffected. I felt this in the rape scene as well.

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