A Streetcar Named Desire Essay

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Design can be one of the most important technical aspects of any production. In fact, the golden rule of design is that it “must be purposeful, even when it’s designed not to look like it is” (class notes). When creating a production there are many people involved in the overall design of it including but not limited to, the set designer, costume designer, lighting designer and the sound designer. Each of these people’s jobs are highly important for creating a unified cohesion of the word of the play. Their design components must work together to create, “harmony, contrast, pattern, balance, rhythm, movement, and proportion” in order to ensure the play is most believable (class notes). USC’s production of A Streetcar Named Desire did a decent job of doing just that. Three design aspects that stood out the most in the world of this production were the sound, the lighting and the character’s costumes. Sound has a major impact on the production of plays. In fact, it can really make or break one’s overall experience of the play they are seeing. A Streetcar Named Desire had some issues concerning sound. My seat was near the back of Drayton Hall and there were certain parts of the play that I had a hard time hearing. For instance, during the scene where Stanley, Mitch and the rest of the boys were playing poker and drinking in the kitchen and Blanche and Stella were in the bedroom talking, I had a hard time hearing the conversation between the two women. Especially during humorous parts, because it was already difficult to hear the characters on stage and trying to listen to their lines over the laughter made it increasingly harder to be “pulled” into the play. I think it would have been better had the actors taken small pauses during the humorous points instead of attempting to talk over the loud laughter. I also think that the sound designer should have

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