A Stranger Among Us

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While studying human geography in class, “A Stranger Among Us” is definitely a suitable film to watch. This movie features an undercover detective named Emily Eden, played by Melanie Griffith. A terrible murder has occurred in the Hasidic Jewish community and she has to live in a Jewish home with extremely religious people. She is the type of woman who does “what she wants, when she wants” and is not accustomed to living by all these new rules. Even though they are strange to her, she is extremely interested and intrigued by them. In religion, there are many different types of groups or ethnic groups. The literal definition of an ethnic group is people of the same race or nationality who share a distinctive culture. Clearly, the most obvious ethnic group in this movie is the people of the Jewish religion. Being a “Hasidic Jew” is a sub-level of the Jewish religion featuring Jews who practice the religion more strictly and religiously. Another group of people that was represented in this movie is the “mobsters.” In this movie they were actually referred to as the “scumbags.” This is a very typical and stereotypical definition given to that type of men. These men were large, chubby, coming from Italian decent, with a strong Brooklyn accent. Therefore, those were definitely the two most potently obvious religious groups portrayed in this movie. Because of the distinctiveness of these ethnic groups portrayed, some perspectives of life were presented as well. For example, the main perspective was obviously that of Emily Eden who was seeing how the Jews lived as an “outsider.” The other perspective is that of the Jews. Being able to see the ways of life in the community with such different perspectives was very unique. Another unique thing that was shown in the film is the setting of the film. It mostly took place in an urban ethnic neighborhood. In neighborhoods of

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