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Gohn Galsworthy “The Silver Spoon” “A Stranger” The fragment is taken from the 2nd novel “The Silver Spoon” written by the English novelist and playwright John Galsworthy. He was born in a well-to-do family. He got his first education at home and then he was sent to Harrow School. After it he studied law at Oxford. In 1889 he was admitted to the Bar. But very soon he gave up law for literature. His wonderful novellas are “Jocelyn”, “The Island of Pharisees”, “The country House”, “Fraternity”, “The Patrician”, “The Dark Flower” and “the Free lands”.The suggested extract represents a 3rd person narration interlaced with a dialogue, a description and the inner monologue about home of the leading character. The main character Francis Wilmot is the narrator of his own feelings, thoughts and intentions. In this extract the author reveals the reader the meeting between Francis Wilmot and Fleur Forsyte in Mrs. Michael Mont`s house. At the beginning of the extract Francis Wilmot comes in Mrs. Michael Mont`s house. He has never been here before. A man, almost hairless, opens the door and invites him to wait in the house. Here Francis Wilmot meets the dog, which bites him, because it protects Fleur`s baby from strangers. He waits for the host in a nice room, which has clear descriptions in detail. He remembers his own home, his great-grandfather, Royalist major, the darkies and his sister Anne, which has married John Forsyte, and went away north. The culmination of the chapter is the dialogue. Later Fleur Forsyte enters the room, offers a young man to stay in their house and talks to him about, Anne and Jon Forsyte. It`s Jon who is Iren`s son and Fleur loved him when she was a young girl. And now Fleur asks Francis to write a letter to Jon, and to say that she is awfully glad and wishes him luck. A young man agrees to do it. The author uses different Stylistic Devices

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