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A Story Essay In the poem, A Story by Li-Young Lee, the author conveys a father’s torment in not being able to provide the stories that his son desires. The son seeks new stories from his father because the son has heard them all. However the father is unable to respond with a new story. This causes the father great anxiety and causes him to imagine a bleak future for him and his son. In order to describe the emotions that the father is feeling toward his son, Lee uses structure, point of view, and tone. The use of structure in this poem shows the complex relationship that the father has with his son and how the father feels about his inability to satisfy his son’s desires. The author separates the poems into three distinct units, each highlighting a different stage of the boys feelings toward his father. The stages of the boys love are separated by the different stanzas in the poem. The beginning of the poem shows the boys love for his father; the boy sits on his father’s lap, eagerly waiting for a story. This is shown in the second stanza where it says, his five-year-old son waits in his lap. In the middle, the boy’s attitude toward his father dramatically shifts as he is packing up so he can leave his father. This is shown when it says, “but the boy is packing his shirts”. The shift in the boy’s feelings toward his father is shown when the father tries to tell stories to convince his son to stay, while the son remains unfazed by his father’s efforts. Finally, in the last stanza, the boy’s feelings go back to normal and he is back to loving and depending on his father when the setting returns to the present and the father is still unable to tell a new story. This is shown when it says “but the boy is here”. The author’s use of structure shows the relationship that the father has with his son. The author’s use of point of view further displays the complex

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