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I thought ‘’A Story about the Body’’ was very different from anything I have read before. First of all, the young composer is seeing a woman who is nearly sixty years old and to be that attracted to her is odd. More so I think he was ‘’in love’’ with her artwork rather than her herself. The story reminded me of a typical one night stand. They both meet at her house and then she out of no where says that she would want him. I believe that she had breast cancer. When she says this though the young composer loses interest almost instantly and now sees her in a different way. What I have come to believe is that most people in todays society value the body of a person so highly that if they were to be altered in any way that society would view them differently. I could say that I have fallen to this way of thinking. It is almost natural to look at a person differently if they have missing body parts or are handicapped for example. Just as the young composer does he leaves this Japanese woman and in return he receives a bowl of roses and bees. I think this represents that in the beginning when they first met everything was great like roses; but at the end of the story things didn’t workout therefore she gives him bees that were cleaned out from the studio. The bees represent the relationship at the end of the story which was very bad. The young composer probably felt worthless just as the Japanese woman had when he told her ‘’I’m sorry, I don’t think I could.’’ I feel like a lot of relationships are based off of looks and not so much of what the person is like on the inside. Then we may lose that person and never get around to finding out what they truly are

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