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Victoria Caramico July 30,2011 Li-Young Lee uses a variety of literary devices in his poem "A Story" to show the emotional relationship between a father and son. Among the devices, Lee uses structure, description, and allegory. Lee carefully applies literary devices such as structure between the present and future, point of view, and allegory using a story to represent the elaborate relationship between a father and son in his poem "A Story." To show the relationship the father has and would like to always have with his son, Lee structures the poem from present tothe future and back to the present. He starts with the present, son begging his father to tell him a new story. Of all the stories in the world, the father cannot think of an original story to tell his awaiting son. The father is afraid that his son will soon give up on him and not come back. The poem than flashes to the future, father depressingly watching his beloved son pack up and leave. But that is not here yet and the father realizes he must influence and cherish the time with his son before the future catches up with them. The father wants to be part of his son's life forever and forever begins now, with his son perched upon his lap, looking humbly to him for a story and guidance. Next, Lee uses point of view between first and third person to show the relationship a father hopes to persue with his son by holding on. A narrator begins and opens the plot. After it is told that the bo is waiting for his father, the father speaks to show the desperation and worry in his voice. Here he is, a grown man begging his future son not to leave. This interference with the father speaking shows readers how much he needs and cares for his son. The pleas are not working and his son is packing. Once again, the father

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