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Sad is the image of a son growing up and away from his own father. Much like an apple growing off the branch of its nurturing parent tree; until it has matured enough to break away from its familiar ties. The poem, “A Story” by Li-Young Lee creates a prime example of the melancholic image a father would never want to see. With clever manipulation of allegory, point of view, and syntax, Lee is able to properly convey the complex relationship between the father and son that is experienced as time takes its natural course. Lee’s poem wraps itself around the simple concept of storytelling. The setting the reader is presented with is nothing that is particularly out of the ordinary. With this being true, it also allows for an effective allegory to be put into play. The poem, in its entirety, consists of a father struggling to satisfy his child with a simple story. Yet this struggle provides an inner symbolic meaning that shows a child’s disinterest that varies directly with age. As the boy grows older there are other worldly things that draw his attention, which in turn also replace his father’s stories. The allegory is based solely on change, with growth comes change. Naturally as the child grows he searches for change, and when the father cannot provide it his son moves on. In his work, Lee decides to use third person point of view to elucidate the sad ambience of the situation. With the reader being an onlooker, the scene is seen as a whole in which the child’s impatience and the father’s struggle are all taken in at once. This instills a movie effect that prohibits the interference of bias and gives the reader the choice of depicting the situation in his own manner. Using this point of view, one is given the initiative to understand the relationship but, like the child in the book, the reader is also left free to make his own decisions on the overall

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