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A Stormy Night Essay

  • Submitted by: vickysky
  • on March 14, 2012
  • Category: Social Issues
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On a dark and stormy night, Able, age 13 and Bonnie, age 15, discussed how great it would be if they had some money to spend on their weekend trip to the beach.   They consulted Clyde, age 21, knowing that he was very sneaky and knowing he would easily come up with a plan for money.   The three agreed that they would go to the home of their neighbor (Nelly hereafter), take a $2000 vase from the living room, and sell it for $750, leaving them each with $250 dollars.   All agreed that Clyde would get the vase.

Clyde immediately walked to the neighbor’s front door and opened the window.   Clyde crawled in and noticed that the vase was not there.   Knowing that he needed something of value, he looked around and noticed a pure gold statue.   He picked up the statue, but he was interrupted when Nelly walked down the steps and confronted Clyde with a gun.   Clyde was frightened, and he immediately threw the statue at Nelly’s head, but it missed and struck Nelly’s husband, Hank, killing him instantly.   Clyde ran out of the house, but keeping his wits, grabbed an antique candleholder as he fled the scene.   Nelly saw that her husband was dead and had a sudden heart attack as a result.  

Clyde came back to the house and told Able and Bonnie about the events.   They agreed to burn the house down to hide the evidence.   They went to their own garage and found a gas can, took some matches, and proceeded to Nelly’s home.   Able dowsed the front door with gas, and Bonnie lit the match.   Before dropping the match, the three decided together that burning the house would not solve their problems.   After Bonnie blew out the match, the three went returned the gas can to their garage.  

Able decided to sell the candleholder it to a friend named Dick, an antique collector.   Able called Dick and set up the place where Dick would meet Able and receive the stolen candleholder.   When Able arrived, he noticed that Dick was wearing a significantly expensive watch, more expensive than the...

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