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A Stormy Night Essay

  • Submitted by: missVip
  • on January 18, 2012
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A Stormy Night
They say the sun never shines in Oakville. Yet, tonight's storm was different; there was something eerily odd about it. For instance, it was quiet. Yes, there was the soft thudding of rain and every once in a while the thunder and lightning would bash, but I couldn't help but feel there was something different. Something perilous.
Feeling like I was a walking sofa cushion with my raincoat around me, I left the store I was in and headed towards my motorcycle. People would normally find it difficult to ride a motorcycle in this type of weather, but after five years of living in this town, I'm pretty much used to it. On second thoughts, I'm a pretty darn expert at this; especially for a "young lady" like me, as my father would say.   I couldn't find my helmet as I reached my ride. I looked around for it then I remembered that I hadn't bought it with me this morning. Looking around, I shrugged. It was nighttime and the roads were almost empty. I was alone.
I seldom pray, it seems, unless I “want something”, but said a short prayer before heading off into the black, damp night. Riding is far different than driving; even in the most serene and secure circumstances. I've driven in weather patterns as hot as the desert and as icy as the snow covered Sierra Nevada in the winter, so maneuvering my little two wheeled wonder through the sheets of ever increasing water pouring on the freeway like icy, slippery needles didn't essentially cause me any worry. Until I almost crashed into a truck in front of me.
I had a mini heart attack and turned the brake so quickly my ride slid off the road. Even though I always ride “safe” on the roads--unlike other riders--I always knew that Death’s door could open at any moment. Fortunately, my sofa-like-raincoat diminished my fall and I wasn’t hurt. Unfortunately, it was torn in more than one place. However, I worried more about my motorcycle which I spotted a few meters away from my fall. Running to it, I hoped no one...

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