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  • Submitted by: rizzgone
  • on April 4, 2009
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Below is an essay on "A STORMY EERIE NIGHT" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.


It was a stormy rainy night. I quickly ran out of the rain and rushed into my house. The lightning struck, and the electricity went off and I was left in the lonely darkness. I adjusted my eyes to the darkness and tried to look ahead but all I could see was darkness.

I tried to figure where my pocket light was but I could not recall. In frustration I punched my fist onto the door. But suddenly I heard something in the dark and I tried to figure out from where the noise actually came from. I realized it was coming from inside the house. Shivers ran down my spine. I was scared. It could have been a burglar. But suddenly I thought how a burglar could get into a house without breaking a lock.

There was a cemetery near my neighbour’s house but I never believed in ghosts. The figure was still standing outside my house without any keys to get in. I wanted to try calling the police but I realized that the storm had cut off the electricity phone line. I could see the figure suddenly moving towards the back of the house. I suddenly was thinking in my mind…..Oh crap, I forgot to lock the kitchen door. I didn’t enter the kitchen. But I could hear noises in the kitchen like cutlery moving around. But what would a burglar do in a kitchen? Steal food? I thought came into my mind that no…. It can’t be a burglar. My mind suddenly rubbed off the fact that I didn’t believe in ghost. I suddenly was terrified to think it was a ghost.

I remember hearing stories that my neighbours have claimed to have seen unidentified creatures in their house and claimed that it might have been creepy creatures from the graveyard. My great grand-mother had just died recently and was buried in the same grave near my neighbour’s house. It was known that she was really obsessed with keeping things tidy. Especially the kitchen!

I really loved seeing my Great grand mother but I never imagined seeing her as a ghost at this time of the day. Maybe my great grand mother came...

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