A Storm Gathering

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A Storm Gathering Summary: The story takes place in a little village in Sudan, were Malik the main character in the story is a doctor, trying to help the people in the village survive. USA promised him that they wouldn’t allow another famine in the village. But the village needs more food and medicine, and Malik is lying in his bed wondering if USA is keeping they promise. When rich nations are sending food, the only thing that’s coming is half of what was promised and lots of it is stuffed with creep. Another doctor arrives to the village, but the new doctor only has medicine to a few people. The new doctor asks Malik to join her at the neighbour village for a visit to the leader. But when they arrive, they discover the leader is dead after some of the medicines Malik gave him. Malik think the other people in the village will blame him for the leaders dead. Suddenly a sandstorm appears and Malik see the storm as a chance to run away, before he gets hurt. The new doctor, Malik and a driver is hiding in a car while the storm is crazy and Malik hopes it will last forever. Malik: Malik is a doctor, living in a poor village in Sudan, the village is suffering from hunger and diseases. Even though Malik is a doctor, he is sleeping on a rush bed, and his radio has been stolen. He is very worried about his village, but only wants to help the other village people. Malik could properly live a better place in the world and make more money, but he is a man of heart and wants to help the poor and helpless people in the poor village. That’s shows a lot of his personality. But when the leader is dead, Malik is smart enough to know when to leave the village in care of his own life. The female doctor: I don’t think the female doctor, brings a lot into the story. I don’t think it sounds like she care as much for the people as Malik does. She is very scared at the

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