A Stolen Life

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A Stolen Life What would you do to survive? How you have coped with this nightmare? A Stolen Life, a memoir, by Jaycee Dugard tells her story of being used by Philip Gerrido, her kidnapper, for 18 years. She wrote the book in first person, telling of her endless torture to us. It is amazing how she dealt with the abuse Gerrido gave her, and how no one noticed her desperate need of help. I felt like putting the book away many times, crying, sobbing, and praying for the girl, but I kept on reading, finally bursting into tears like a fire hose in the end. This book is an emotional rollercoaster and this is her story. Jaycee Dugard was an ordinary girl that lived with her mother and step father. She loved cats, but she also wanted a dog too. One day, she was walking down the road alone to get to her school, because she did not want to bother her strict step father. A van pulled up, suffocated Jaycee and took her home to his house. This man kidnapped her to use her. His endless sexual abuse and her experience as a hostage almost killed her and her mine. In 1994, she gave birth to her first child when she was only 14, in the backyard, no medical help, by herself. Her child was the only and most crucial motivation that led her to continue to fight on, and never give up. She realized that she needed to get out now when she gave birth again three years later to her second daughter. Philip Gerrido was a sick man, and obviously had a problem that he couldn’t control. Gerrido was a rapist. He and his wife knew it was wrong, but kidnapped Jaycee anyways. As much as I hate to say it, Jaycee was a slave to Gerrido. At first, he handcuffed her, but gave her more freedom, as he thought that Jaycee “earned” his trust. Gerrido gave her a “normal” routine. He took her to Walmart, he let her roam around the house, and even to the beach. No one recognized her, and never spoke of

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