A Stereotypical Homeschooler

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Reuben Peck Peck Page 1 WRIT 121 9/23 Essay Two Oh, You’re Homeschooled… The bus was rattling along the highway, with cars passing speedily on the left, and I was sitting on my seat, dreaming of the day when I could drive a car to school. Across from me, a working class woman gave my appearance a once over: blue jeans, modest haircut, and quiet personality. As I sat with a writing book open in my lap, and she began asking me how many classes I was taking at my local community college. Upon finding out that I was dual enrolling while finishing up high school, she gave my appearance a second opinion and exclaimed in a disapproving tone, “Oh, you are homeschooled aren’t you?” This negative attitude toward homeschoolers is not rare. In fact, it is becoming more of a situation as the number of homeschoolers swell. Homeschoolers are now being type casted as being socially awkward, nerds, and irresponsible; this by those who may have little to no exposure to them. An example of this is a writer named Jamie Holguin from CBS, who wrote that homeschoolers should be monitored because of the purported lack of accountability. This incorrect belief is started by rumors, and rumors lead to gossip, and the creation of stereotypes. Therefore, it is important to name common stereotypes and “clean the slate” on these falsities. Though it may be done to everyone, it is wrong to create a stereotype of anybody. There are social stereotypes for every genre of people, but by associating social stereotypes to those that homeschool, I can attest to the social strains that homeschoolers face because of stereotypes about the way we act, the way we dress, and the beliefs that we hold. Peck Page 2 The most common stereotype perhaps related to the homeschooler is the lack of socialization. Homeschoolers, cry critics, live apart from the real world, and are not

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