A Speech to Argue the Point : Is a Woman's Place at the Sink?

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Is a woman’s place at the sink? For many years, a woman’s occupation has been to maintain the household, look after children and supply and cook all food for the family. Today there are very powerful entrepreneurs who are women, some very poweful business people are women and many important jobs in the medical profession are held by women. In this speech I will take the equality between men and women into consideration. So I ask you, are men and women truly equal? Well of course not! Women get back in the kitchen and get the dinner on! Only joking. So back to the subject. Well I personally think that men and women are equal. Although men might get higher pay in jobs, which is the way it has always been. At least women now can go out and apply for a job. 50 years ago this was totally unheard of. I personally think our society has changed their opinions about women and I have no problem with that. As Hillary Clinton said in one of her speeches “Women’s rights, are human rights”. As I have already mentioned earlier there are very many intelligent, powerful and successful women who are not afraid or hide away once people start to question and argue over a point of view. Of the many successful women out there, I have chosen three. Women who are not afraid of the public’s opinion and impression of them. For example: Mary Mc Aleese had to deal with the contrast of being ambassador for Ireland whilst the country went through major recession. Hillary Clinton had to deal with the opposition people contradicting her as she ran for the first female president of the United States. A famous female inventor I know of was Virginia Apgar. She created the Apgar scale which measures the heart rate of infants after childbirth. So it shows that not all inventors, business people and candidates are men! Although many jobs can be done by both men and women there are some jobs
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