A Sound Of Thunder Rhetorical Analysis

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Joel Hyde ELA 1st Draft In “A Sound of Thunder” by Ray Bradbury the main idea of the story is to never let your control you. Eckels goes into a time machine with a tour guide to shoot a T-Rex. While they are looking for it Eckels spots the T-Rex and doesn't think it can be killed so he steps of the path and steps on a butterfly. This alters the future and Eckels is killed because he was told there would be a consequence for altering the future. According to “A Sound of Thunder” it is evident that your fear can make you do irrational things that you will regret…show more content…
“We were fools to come. This is impossible.” (Page 11). This supports my topic and thesis because it shows that he is afraid of killing the T-Rex. He took a few steps, blinking, shuffling. “Not that way!” (Page 12). This shows the irrational decision he made which was walking off the path. This links with my topic sentence because it shows that he made an irrational decision. Eckels now regrets the irrational decision he made. “I’m sorry,” He said at last. (Page 14). This supports my topic sentence because it shows he is sorry for stepping off the path. “Can’t we take take it back. Can’t we make it alive again? Can’t we start over? Can’t we-.” (Page 18). This shows how much he regrets his irrational decision and how much he wants to go back and not make the same mistake. This links back to my topic because this shows that he would do anything to take back his past mistake. In conclusion, “A Sound of Thunder” shows that your fear would make you do unreasonable things that you would regret later. At first Eckels is very confident and isn’t afraid. As the story goes on Eckels sees the dinosaur, he becomes afraid and goes off path. When they get back to the present time he regrets that he stepped off the path because he

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