A Sound Of Thunder

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Ray Bradbury’s “A Sound of Thunder” to me is a better science fiction story then “Nethergrave” by Gloria Skurzynki’s. A Sound of Thunder is about how the life of a little insect such as a butterfly can affect the outcome of the future in a big way. Nethergrave is a pretty good story but the ending wasn’t as I expected it to be, it ended with no conclusion to be honest. What happened after he went in there? Did he enjoy it or did he want to go back home? The themes are different in many ways A Sound of Thunder is about the past and the future, while Nethergrave is about a boy who is not very popular and how he ends up on a game in his computer. The stories Nethergrave and A Sound of Thunder both fit in to the category science fiction. Nethergrave is in the science fiction category because it is about a boy entering a world in his computer where he can choose an avatar and live there if he wishes. A Sound of Thunder is about time travel where they can go back on safari’s and hunt animals that would have died in minutes. The stories both portray science fiction but, in the end we can’t predict if in the future if similar events will happen. The tone in Sound of Thunder implies that the author probably did not like the character Eckel, which resorted into him being killed in the end. The tone in Nethergrave is that…show more content…
They both teach important lessons about people and who they are and how each person’s life choices can affect more than just them. I just believe A Sound of Thunder teaches a more important lesson about how everything you do and say affect the world not just yourself is much more defined then Nethergrave. In the end both stories were good it just all depends on your preferences to stories if you want to read them or not. I would read these stories over again, and if you’re into science fiction you should check them
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