A Soldier's Story Synopsis

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Walneisha Warner March 4, 2012 AAAS 2410 Synopsis A Soldier’s Story Charles Fuller’s “A Soldier’s Story” is both a drama filled and very suspenseful film that takes place on a Louisiana military base. Throughout the film, African American and white troops are segregated and serve two very different purposes in the military. Unlike white troops, black troops do not play a role in fighting in the war; instead their duties are to compete against other troops in baseball games. Most importantly, the film tends to explore racism from a different and very ironic standpoint, one which many people was not familiar with during this time period. Although the troops were separated, the film focuses more on internalized racism rather than racism…show more content…
One could describe him as a man who hated his own race because like whites he saw them as being incapable of bringing about change or gaining the respect of White Americans. Moreover, in his eyes blacks are the reason that no changes occurred after the war, which is the leading factor to his internalized racism towards them. In addition to Sergeant Waters’s attitude towards the black military his death also depicts blacks versus blacks. The death of Waters shows that not only did he hate those of his kind but that they hated him as well because of his ill treatment of them. The film offers increased racial tension among blacks themselves by allowing the murder to be committed by, Peterson, who is a black soldier. It is through many flashbacks that Sergeant Waters’s character is conveyed as unfair, racist and ambitious. These flashbacks during Capt. Davenport’s, who has been sent down from Washington to find the killer, investigation also evokes the central theme of the story which is drama filled and very intense battle within the black military. Overall the story is a wartime story in which military and New South serves as backdrops and where black troops were unable to go to war because of the beliefs of their incapability to fight and
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