A Soldier's Promise Diary

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Book Project Choice #3: Diary Book: A Soldier’s Promise Author: First Sergeant Daniel Hendrix and Wes Smith Sophia Seifert Silver 5 Nord 10/2/12 Entry #1: In Iraq, conditions are pretty harsh, for one there are no telephones or internet connection for us to contact our families. My wife, Cristina, has it pretty bad too, not knowing if I’m alive or not. It seems like anyone could shoot at you at anytime. It feels like nobody can be your friend. Don’t let me forget the darn camel spiders, or ‘sun scorpions’, either. Those little things are about the size of your thumb, but can do some real damage. Like mosquitoes, they inject venom and eat away at you. Crazy. Entry #2: Thankfully today we did not have any KIAs (killed in action) here. Right now my job here is to stay at a checkpoint and search vehicles and question any unusual behavior (here it seems like all behavior is unusual). Most of the time no problem, but when this one vehicle came I pulled them over to check there vehicle. Instantly, these guys went crazy, yelling, refusing to get out of the vehicle. Finally, we detained them and searched there vehicle. We found grenades, AK-47s, the works.…show more content…
‘Litter urgent’ means loss of life, lost limb, or lost eyesight. Lieutenant Wilkins was down just outside the police station. Four grenades had been thrown. I was very pleased to hear Wilkins injuries were not as horrific as they appeared and he would be good as new in less than a

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