A Soldiers Family Essay

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A Soldiers Family Dating back to the late 1700’s, Americans faced off against the largest empires in the world. Since then, America battled through eleven other major wars including World War I and II to the most recent Iraqi Freedom. Many lives are taken and, families are destroyed and left to grieve. America honors the soldiers fighting for freedom and respects the sacrifices they make for their families. By being an American soldier it is arguably the most personal and controversial topic, affecting not only those who are fighting for freedom but their families as well. Men and women are being deployed everyday to Iraq and Afghanistan and some may never return. Families say their goodbyes while their loved one rides off to a place that is unknown. In the back of their mind they know that they may never see that person again. Children are left to grow up without their mother or father, spouses left to stay strong and raise a family alone as a single parent. While there are many support groups and charities that reach out and help, nothing can take away the loneliness and pain of losing a person that is so dear and makes up their entire world. Families are now joining together to make the biggest protest against the war in Iraq and Afghanistan. The organization, Military Families Speak Out, is built up of over 3,400 military families. “Military Families Speak Out organization believes the voices and actions of military families opposing the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan are a key to differentiating between “support for the troops” from “support for the war,” and is essential to building a social movement powerful enough to have a significant impact on ending these military occupations” (Military Families Speak Out : Index. Web. 28 Oct. 2010. ). Overseas military schools have had an enduring history of schools with poor education. For example, Hawaii is a

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