A Small Scale Enquiry Into Communication In The Ea Essay

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A SMALL SCALE ENQUIRY INTO COMMUNICATION IN THE EARLY YEARS OF EDUCATION. The specific focus of my small-scale classroom enquiry is ‘How can I improve communication and interaction in the Early Years Foundation Stage, (EYFS), for children with speech, language and communication needs’? I have chosen this focus based on my experience and interest of working with children who have significant needs, over the last twenty years. In addition, during my first placement in a very busy Nursery, I reflected on how hard it must be for children, aged three and four years, to settle in to this new environment, understand and anticipate the ‘nursery routine’, establish relationships, feel confident and secure and, ultimately, learn, in a continually changing, learning environment with up to forty six other three and four year olds, arriving and leaving on a ‘flexible’ basis. I observed some children in the Nursery taking ‘a back seat’, not contributing to discussions or playing with other children and generally not communicating with anyone. I also questioned whether one new child had some special educational needs and raised this with the Nursery teacher. She observed the child and agreed she had communication difficulties. However, there was no information suggesting this child had communication needs. Staff were very busy, involved with settling children, etc., and parents weren’t consulted. A statement written within the Principles of the Special Educational Needs Code of Practice states, ‘the views of the child should be sought and taken into account’, (Spooner, W 2006). However, there was no debate about whether the child would like to be supported now and how this may be achieved. Indeed, staff were reluctant to start ‘labelling’ and thought ‘this process’ would begin when she moved in to Reception. This relates to the module in Children and Learning 2 where we

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