A Simple Exchange of Niceties

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Essay of “A Simple Exchange of Niceties” The story is about a girl who gets pregnant and wants to get an abortion. She is a very confused and angry girl who wants people to respect her, when she has the bench first. This is about a bench she sees like her own bench. She begins to change from a girl to a woman and she decides to complete the pregnancy. In the beginning the girl see herself like a trashy whore and she don’t love herself. She also doesn’t like other people and her whole world is very dark. She is not nice to other people and she answers back when she can, but that changes in the end. The girl doesn’t see herself as special she says: “you know, ordinary people just like you.” She sees people and herself as ordinary people. In the end of the text, she starts to see the world as a pretty place. She begins to love her mother, herself and her baby. She doesn’t wants to share “her bench” in the park with anybody and if there is someone who dares to sit on the bench, she goes away. In the end of the text when the lady comes and sit one her bench she begins to be irritated, but when the lady begins to cry, the girl gets upset and don’t know what she should do. She doesn’t want to see her cry. It’s there she begins to be a woman and understand what a baby means for others. Then she found out that the world isn’t so dark as she believed. The girl thinks that the bench in the park is hers and that other people cant sit on it if she sits there first. The bench is like her liberty room, where she can be herself without people blaming her. When she sits on the bench in the beginning she get often disturbed and that’s irritates her. She sees the bench as a friend or a family member there are waiting for her. It’s not like that she don’t like sharing the bench with anyone, that’s just that she like to be consulted first. That can be because she doesn’t talk so

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