A Significant Moment or Event in My Life

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A Significant Moment or Event in my Life It is Thursday, in the middle of June 2010. I woke up and started my day like any other day. I was currently enlisted in the Army and, I was stationed at Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri. I started my day with pt, which is about two hours of exercise every morning, right before my actual day of work. After my morning exercise, I drove to work at around nine in the morning. So far everything is normal and, I am excited for an upcoming four day weekend. This means I get to go back home to Chicago and I would not have to be back on base until Monday night. I felt like I was free, until I heard my sergeant coming towards me. When my sergeant arrived he said, “I know it is hot today but, we need to spray paint all our tools plus the boats, so we can distinguish which equipment is ours.” At this point I just wanted to get this task done as quickly as possible, so I could get away from the base and go home to my family and friends. My sergeant was right, it was warmer than it usually had been but, I just kept working thinking about the weekend. I finished around two in the afternoon. I had finally been released for the four day weekend. I was so excited I rushed back to my apartment and jumped in the shower. My bags were already packed from the night before. Now I was ready to take my six hour trip back home. I was driving in a white Buick Regal. I started driving on I-44 towards Chicago. I was feeling a little drowsy, possibly from all the fumes I had been inhaling at work but, nothing that I could not handle. While cruising down the highway I must have been at a rate of around sixty miles per hour. The sun appeared like it was just about to start setting. I had been on the road now for at least an hour. My eyes closed all of a sudden, I had just blacked out. I have no idea what is going on around me. The last thing I had seen was

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