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A Sepatate Peace Essay

  • Submitted by: bonbon40437
  • on May 5, 2011
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In A Separate Peace, the author John Knowles uses devices to help represent the message, “Everything has to evolve or else it perishes” (Leper in A Separate Peace, 117). In this quote, John Knowles is trying to say that everything has to grow and mature, and that you can’t stay young forever or else you will fail or in some cases die. I believe that this statement is true, and John Knowles proves this through the characters Leper, Gene, and Finny.
In A Separate Peace, John Knowles uses a metaphor to show that the characters have to grow up or else they will fail in life. Leper escapes from the army and goes home. He sends Gene a letter telling him to come to his house and help him. When Gene goes to Leper’s house, Leper tells him, “…they were going to give me a discharge, a Section Eight discharge… is for the nuts in the service, the psychos, the Funny Farm candidates” (144). Leper is telling Gene that the army had labeled him as a crazy person and he would not be able to get a job because of it. Leper was not ready to go to war; he only wanted to ski. When he came back, he was changed forever and will not be able to live a normal life. This shows that because Leper was not able to accept and deal with the war, he has now failed and will not be able to live his life to the fullest.
      John Knowles uses personification to show that if a person does not grow up they will not be able to live. Finny is in the assembly room and Brinker is basically telling Finny that Gene shook the branch and meant for Finny to fall. When Finny hears this, he doesn’t believe or want to hear anymore. He quickly runs out of the assembly room and Gene thinks, “…these separate sounds collided into the general tumult of his body falling clumsily down the white marble stairs” (177). Finny doesn’t believe Gene would do something mean to him so he runs out of the room and falls down the stairs. Finny is naïve and cannot accept the fact that there is war and that people would hurt other...

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