A Separation Analysis

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STUDY THE MAIN 7 CHARACTERS IN ‘A SEPARATION’ AN IRAN’S FILM The movie involves seven main characters : 1) NADER He is the main character in this film. He is the father of Termeh. He worked at the bank institution. His father was suffering Alzheimer. Nader are proud, stubborn men who are unable to resolve conflict because of his staunch inability to compromise. The characteristics that I can defined is : * Ego / Self-esteem * Strict / Coherent * Liar * Responsible towards his daughter study * Responsible towards his unwell father * Have a patient on certain things 2) SIMIN Nader’s ex-wife. She used to work as a lecturer. She has a good thinking in helping Nader to escape from been jailed. The characteristics that I can defined is : * Have a patient * Still love her marriage * Firm * Caring * Has a responsible on her family 3) TERMEH Age is eleven years-old. Daughter of Nader & Simin. Dotes on her father and resents her mother for wanting to leave. She knew that Nader is lying, his father act like he do not know Razieh was pregnant, the truth is, he know about that. The characteristics that I can defined is : * Good/Kind person * Doesn’t want her parent divorce * Responsible on her study * Matured * Respect her parent 4) RAZIEH A religious woman. She is a caretaker hired by Nader to care for his father; and Razieh’s husband, Hojjat, a man harassed by creditors. Didn’t give-up easily. She didn’t tell her husband that she used to work at Nader’s house. The characteristics that I can defined is : * Religious * Caring * Hard-working * Responsible to help her husband in finding money * Pregnant woman 5) SOMAYYEH Daughter of Razieh & Hojjat. Still a kid. She love to draw, we can see she drawing in this film. Even Nader gave her a colouring
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