A Separate Peace Quote Analysis

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“As I said, that was my sarcastic summer. It was only long after that I recognized sarcasm as the protest of people who are weak.” (29) This quote falls in the earlier part of the book where Gene is developing the main characters, including himself. It may not be particularly important to the overall theme of the book, but it does contribute to the almost serene beginning. A young boys sarcasm represented a little bit of light and humor, which was something you already sensed was potentially rare. The reason I chose this quote is because it was so profound and insightful to me. A lot of the time we hear cliche's such as “Sarcasm is my defense against stupidity” or “I'm fluent in sarcasm”. Many of us don't question it much, but I…show more content…
War is knocking on the door louder and louder, and Phineas has found yet another way to pretend that all of that is false. He organizes a Winter Carnival, with the sports everyone is so passionate about, and spiked cider to make it all warmer. I chose this quote because the title of the book and what had been going on finally clicked for me. Finny and Gene had created a separate peace, far away from the gun shots and dead warriors, one that captured youth, despite whatever tragedy they had personally experienced. It showed me that Finny had a determination to keep up all things good, especially after tearing up his leg. And the participation of all the boys also revealed that secretly, while trying to be big bad warriors, they all wanted a separate peace too. All of it was inspiring and made me realize what kind of time war time was. “Dr. Stanpole sat down next to me and put his capable hand on my leg. “This is something I think boys of your generation are going to see a lot of,' he said quietly, 'and I will have to tell you about it now. Your friend is dead.'” For obvious reasons, this excerpt means everything to the plot. Phineas, after
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