A Separate Peace Leper Character Analysis

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Matt Redcross 3/12/12 English Block A/C Clueless to Crazy War can change a man who is a very nice and good hearted man into a crazy angry man. This is shown by a character named Leper in the book A Separate Peace. Leper was known as a peaceful nature loving boy who positively symbolized the innocence of a man until he went to war. The seniors at Devon will be drafted after their graduation to fight in the war. People from the ski troop visited the school to try and encourage the boys to enlist early. Most were smart enough to see that what these people were showing them was not real. The clips the boys saw about the war was much different then what was really going on. They made war seem fun and innocent they never…show more content…
War can change a man and make him crazy, even someone as innocent as Leper. The army discharged him because they thought he was crazy. He might have been different but not crazy. When Leper heard about this he began to believe it and question himself. This is what made Leper crazy and very sensitive and he now feels like everyone is attacking him. “Psycho. I guess I am. I must be. Am I, though, or is the army”(141)? Before the war Leper never would have said this or even thought about it. Before the war leper really never thought about anything important. He thought about nature and things like that. Now he does, the war changed him. Before the war leper never defended himself everyone always treated him like he wasn’t important. Now all of a sudden now that he went to war he stuck up for himself. “Leper” Brinker pleaded, “Leper, this is very important” “So am I” he said thinly, “I’m important. You’ve never realized it, but I’m important too. You be the fool” he gazed shrewdly at Brinker, “you do whatever anyone wants whenever they want it. You be the fool now. Bastard” (167). Leper went crazy and got very angry at Brinker for not telling him that is he is important. Brinker has never treated leper nicely. He always has messed with him a little because he knew Leper wasn’t the type to do anything. Now after the more Leper all of a sudden is taking everything personal and now sticking up for himself. Leper thinks
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