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Friendship is a great and essential part of modern life. It offers escape from annoying family and awkward social positions. A true and good friend will help someone get through their difficulties with compassion and love without judgement. In A Separate Peace the main characters, Gene and Phineas, claim to be good friends, however, there are events that come to pass that make both the characters and the readers rethink that status. No one should be without a friend, this world that we live in today makes it near a requirement. Gene and Phineas seem to always have been friends, the book makes it very unclear as to how they met. Even from the beginning, Phineas has always influenced Gene to do adventurous activities that Gene would not have courage enough to do by himself, it is probably safe to say that Phineas made Gene stronger, physically. In analysing the book, it seems to have always been the pair’s conversations and discussions that led to conflict, not the activities of the day. Despite this, Phineas and Gene have had, thus far, a satisfactory friendship. The beginning to their challenges was quite subtle and had more to do with the dealings of…show more content…
My answer would be that the superficial appearance was that they were inseparable, friends to the end. But, between the two, the path was bumpy to say the least. They had a rough go, especially with the issue of the war, the fact that their mutual friend had seemed to go crazy, Gene caused nothing but trouble for Phineas, and was quite well the death of him. Did they have a friendship? My answer is yes, although it dwindled. It had seemed to start out as a friendship based on nothing but the status of having someone to fill it, the fact that the two shared a room, made it more convenient for this claim. This is why their partnership was damaged from the beginning and caused that they should find separate peace,

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