A Separate Peace by Johm Knowles

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Preface Project To have a best friend is like having a brother or sister that one plays with all the time and loves. In A Separate Peace, John Knowles exemplifies how Phineas and Gene are best friends and spend so much time together. Finny’s chances of ever being a professional athlete are over because Gene’s envious actions toward Finny. After Finny got out of the hospital from his first injury, he helped Gene to get into the Olympics, but once he fell again and died, it was hard for Gene. His best friend was gone because of his rash decision to joust the tree. Throughout the story Gene showed jealousy toward Finny when he joust the tree branch to where breaks his leg. After fifteen years of being away from Devon, and fifteen years after there was a war going on, Gene recalled all of his memories from the tree in the woods behind the school. 1. Gene: narrator of novel; protagonist a) Envious b) Jealous c) Love d) Hate 2. Phineas (Finny): a) Leader b) Confident c) Best athlete d) Strong e) Convincing f) Morality 3. Leper: a) Gentle b) Popular c) Jealous 4. Brinker: a) Clean freak b) Politician c) Confident 5. Mr. Patch-Withers: a) Substitute b) Subtle c) Leader The significance of the setting throughout the story all starts off with the tree in the back of the school. That is where Gene began to be envious of Phineas because he made up the game “The super suicide society” to jump off the tree. And Finny was the first to do it. That is where Gene first started his jealousy, that is where Finny got hurt, and that is where memories seem to begin and end. John Knowles set a deep tone at the beginning of his novel. A Separate Peace was not only the story of his life, but perhaps a memoir of what good times he used to have when he was younger. Gene represents him when he was younger, when he was with his friends. Finny

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