A Separate Peace Bildingroman Essay

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Cell Membrane: Surrounding the cytoplasm of a cell. What it does is that it regulates what goes in and out, regulate the exchange of substances, communicate with other cells. Active transport is when molecules move across the cell membranes from an area of lower concentration toward an area of higher concentration. Passive transport is the cellular process of moving molecules and other substances across membranes. Passive transport differs from active transport in that it does not involve any chemical energy. Rather, passive transport relies on the innate permeability of the cell membrane and its component proteins and lipids. Water, proteins and nucleotides go in. What goes out are ribosomes, All three RNA’s go through the nuclear pore to send out messages to the other cells. Vacuole: Space or vesicle within the cytoplasm of a cell, enclosed by a membrane and typically containing fluid. It stores sugar water that are needed for the mitochondria. They contain waste products ready to exist the cell which is called exocytosis. Mitochondria: A double membraned organelle that plays a central role in the production of ATP. It recieves sugar water from the vacuole. What mitochondria does is it converts CO2 and produces heat and energy releases, cellular respiration, ATP gets recharged, and takes in sugar, water and oxygen. Mitochondria is known as “The Power House” because it produces energy for the cell. Nucleolus: The nucleolus is a spherical body within a cell nucleolus composed of protein, DNA, and RNA that is the site of the assembly of small and large ribosomal subunits. What they do is they coordinate regions of the chromosomes which contain genes of pre-rRNA, it breaks apart at the beginning of mitosis then it reassembles in telophase (the final phase of cell division) and builds ribosomes. Ribosomes: An organelle in the cytoplasm

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