A Secret Sorrow Vs. A Sorrowful Woman

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The dictionary states that marriage is the formal union of a man and a woman, typically recognized by law, by which they become husband and wife. With the plethora of ideas that the world has and has had, this definition is a very simple one at best. Marriage differs a great deal for different types of people and for different times from the distant past to the present. In the past, marriages were considered binding until death, unless one of them died. Some women that were wed became what seemed to be “property” of their husbands. What marriages mean in our time now varies from past times greatly. Most of the marriages that are now made are done for love and to make each other happy. From the dates that of the book "A secret sorrow" and "A sorrowful woman" were published, I can say that their ideas of marriage were a little more modern, but each of these stories have an vastly different way that they treated marriage. In the excerpt from “A Secret Sorrow”, the two main characters show a great respect for marriage. The way that Faye shows this is by her inability to tell Kai that she was no longer able to conceive a child. She was torn between the idea of her not being able to give birth to Kai’s children and the idea of her losing Kai altogether. She loved Kai so much that just a little while after telling him about her problem, she says “I don’t expect you to throw out a life of dreams just for the sake of chivalry. You don’t have to marry me, Kai” She thinks that in marriage, she should be able to give her spouse what he wants, in this case giving birth to their future children. So in respect to marriage, she gives Kai the choice not to marry her. Kai also has a high regard for marriage because he believes that he should marry someone that he truly loves. He doesn’t marry for other reasons like for money, a better social status, or just for the sake of having
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