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Truth-in-Sentencing laws do not deter crime Truth-in-sentencing laws do not deter crime, but there are ways to help repeated criminal offender back into society. Some choose not to complete the programs which are provided for them. To deter crime is in the holder’s hands. Some people are just evil and envy other individuals and want what they have instead of working and earning the way of living. Therefore, they take and suffer the consequences if they are apprehended by law enforcement. Jail and Prison needs to become harsher so offenders wouldn’t even consider attempting another criminal act during their lives. Sometimes society makes it harder for offender to come back into the real world by not accepting them and making offender feel less of an individual. Housing offenders plays a lot into the criminal system because it takes a large amount of money from taxpayers. Most individuals, like myself do not feel the need to pay for offenders needs while I am out in society trying to provide for my family and myself. This solution is not fair to society. The state needs to have offenders work within society and pay off their debt and crime which was committed. Although, we face violent crime problem everyday criminal offenders need to be in prison for the rest of their lives. Since we cannot control offenders, law enforcement need to maintain to do what it takes to imprison criminals who commit serious and violent crimes. Trustworthy truth-in-sentencing is a program policy that can keep our societies

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