A Rose For Emily Vs. Mrs. Brill

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The setting in both stories “A Rose For Emily” and “Miss Brill” can be best explained as man versus society. The two main characters Emily and Miss Brill experience very harsh criticism from the outside world. Isolation, Rejection, and Loneliness are major experiences that each character faced. Although both experienced these same things, the way in which they happened and the way both characters handled them, were totally different. Emily and Miss Brill both experienced isolation. The author implies Emily goes through isolation from a very young age. Emily’s family seemed to think that they were better than people in the town. “We remembered all the young men her father had driven away”(Faulkner p# 240), so as a young girl all male callers were ran off. Her whole life she was kept to the family and isolated from society because of the family’s idea of being better than everyone. When Emily’s father dies she tells everyone that he wasn’t dead, “she would have to cling to that which had robbed her, as people will” (Faulkner p# 240). Emily couldn’t change and tried to hold on. The character Miss Brill is isolated in a different manner. Every Sunday Miss Brill would go to the park and “Only two people shared her special seat”(Mansfield p# 276). As she sat in the park she didn’t speak a word to anyone. She would listen to the people who sat in the seat next to her. Miss Brill isolated herself. She would listen to people and judge them from her special seat. Miss Brill was at the park to crowd watch, to be a part of people lives from a far but isolating herself from the world by just sitting, watching, and listening. She saw the world as a play and dreamed she was a main character, making her life seem more meaningful. Rejection can be drawn from each of these stories. Both characters are rejected, but in different ways. It is implied from the
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