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The story “A Rose for Emily” by William Faulkner starts with an account in first-person of Emily Grierson’s funeral that is one elderly Southern unmarried woman. The narrator proceeds through a nonlinear approach to develop Emily's reminiscence and an insane behavior throughout her life. The story includes different themes such as death, isolation, time, and the conflict. The themes in the story let the readers understand such an unusual behavior of Emily Grierson. Emily belongs to a family living within antebellum Southern aristocracy. From the Civil War, this family faces hard times. Emily and her father are the last members of the dynasty and continue living like the one they did in the past. They do not agree to the marriage of Emily to a person below the dynasty’s recognized status. Emily’s father dies when Emily hits thirty. She is in denial and out rightly refuses to appreciate that the father had died for close to three days. The community writes off the behavior as part of the grieving process. When Emily accepts her father's death, Emily later revives her element as she forms a friendship with a Northern labourer, Homer Barron. He comes to town to work as a contractor paving the sidewalks. This connection comes as a surprise to the entire community as the match yields an affair that is below the earlier standards. Homer claimed that he did not have any interest in marriage. The town further reaches out to Emily's cousins, as they are the closest remaining relatives. However, they are not in good relations with Emily’s father and her. They did not avail themselves at the funeral of her father. The cousins reach Emily's house. The town’s sentiments rally behind her as she strives to oppose her cousins (Faulkner 36). Within the period, Emily manages to buy arsenic from a drug shop and does not explain why she needs it. The neighbors hold that she

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