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English 3 Part 2 May 1, 2014 “A Rose for Emily” by William Faulkner The story that was chosen was “A Rose for Emily” by William Faulkner. The plot for this story has five sections. The first section has a sad plot in which Emily Grierson died and the whole town came to her funeral. The second section has a plot in which has a description of what things would be like thirty years before time and Emily resists another inquiry on behalf of the town leaders. This was a crucial point in the setting as well. The third section the sorrowful plot was a long illness that Emily suffered after telling the town leaders about them emanating her from her own property. The fourth section talks about a chilling section that Emily would poison herself and the townspeople were scared about it. The last section talks about what happens after Emily passed away. It ended in a vast murder case. Emily’s body is laid out in the parlor, but Homer Barron’s body is stretched on the bed as well in an advanced state of decay. The result was they found a long strand of Emily’s gray hair on the pillow where an indentation was. This was very crucial. She kills him. The setting happens in a small town of Jefferson which is Miss Emily’s house. The main situations occurred at Emily’s house. This happened after the seventies. The major characters will start with Emily. She is the main character. She was a very pigheaded woman who was tormented by her father continuously. She is the classic outsider. Homer Barron was a construction foreman of the north. He is also an outsider, a stranger, who becomes the subject of gossip He was the first real love of Emily. In the culture that Emily lives in, talking to him is forbidden. They had a very scandalous relationship. Tobe was the servant of Emily’s household. He was the only connection of Emily with the outside world. He covers up

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