A Rose for Emily Essay

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Name: Prof. Wright EN 112-16 Freshman Composition 25 February, 2013 Emily Grierson is Insane In today's world, society's claims to insanity have become fairly common; however, over a century ago, the differences between sane and insane were easier to determine. This is especially true in the case of Emily Grierson, the protagonist of William Faulkner's story, "A Rose for Emily." William Faulkner ingenuously presented the state of insanity through the bizarre actions taken by Miss Emily. Word of Emily's mental state rose throughout the town, making her lunacy almost palpable among the air of meddlesome neighbors. The relationship with her father combined with the intense curiosity of the townspeople set the stage for the rise and fall of Miss Emily Grierson. By conclusion of the story, the central character, Miss Emily is insane because of her family issues, the disappearance of Homer Barron and her purchase of arsenic . The people mention that mental illness finally set upon Emily's great-aunt. They believe this illness was passed down through the highly regarded Grierson family, finally reaching Emily. They also touch upon the peculiar relationship Emily shared with her father. Mr. Grierson, Emily's father, allowed no man to enter her life. As a result of this, Miss Emily remained alone after her father's death. She was left only with a servant in their mysterious house. With no money left to Emily, the Grierson's family name became humbled and was no longer held in such high respect. The narrator declared, "And in a way, people were glad. At last they could pity Miss Emily. Being left alone, and a pauper, she had become humanized. Now she too would know the old thrill and the old despair of a penny more or less." Furthermore, Miss Emily neighbors caused her to isolate herself within the house. Faulkner wrote that she remained sick for a long time after her

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